Art and Culture Festivals Around the World


Art and Culture Festivals

Tremont Art and Cultural Festival (Cleaveland, Ohio)

The Tremont Art and Cultural Festival is located at 1208 Starkweather Avenue in Cleaveland, Ohio. The festival takes place every year in the month of September and offers visitors the chance to taste Cleaveland's very own unique tasting recipes, view paintings and sculptures created by artists in the local area and participate in numerous events including hands-on-arts, art contests and numerous other events offered to you by the city of Cleaveland. All events, viewing and live performances are free to all visitors from the opening hours all the way up until they close.

Jamaica Arts and Music Summer Festival

Every summer during the first two days of August, Jamaica holds the Arts and Music Summer Festival, where residents and visitors can relax and enjoy the traditional ways of the country and participate in contests, games and hands on mini art classes for children. From arts in the park to Jams Under the Stars, visitors will be overwhelmed with the cultural vibe that spreads throughout this festival.

Filipino American Arts and Culture Festival

The Filipino American Arts and Culture Festival is located in San Diego, California and is centered in the middle of the beautiful Paradise Hill neighborhood which is directly next to Potomac Park. At this festivals there are opportunities to hear the stories from numerous elders on the upbringing and the chance to taste the unique, delicious taste of Filipino American foods. The type of art this festival provides is music, dance, Folklife, sculptures and paintings. All events are completely free for all visitors, as well as the auctions that you may choose to sit in on or participate at.